Here we are

Here we are


It was strange arriving at Heathrow this lunchtime dressed in light trousers, T shirt and no coat because really, it was quite chilly!


But a calm and uninterrupted eleven hours’ flight later, we were stepping out into the 25C, 80% humidity and oh my, I was pleased not only to have dressed lightly but also that I’d thought to take off a layer before we landed.


Exactly one hour later, we were checking into our beautiful hotel.  Vivienne, the receptionist opened the door to our room and casually mentioned that she’d upgraded us from a harbour view room to a suite.  Oh. My. Goodness.


The sitting room is lovely.  The bedroom even nicer.

Winking smile

But look at the bathroom!  Overlooking the harbour, the bath is so enormous we can swim lengths.  Sadly, we’re here just the one night but maybe we’ll get the chance to make the most of it


So the next half hour is taken up with oohing and aaahing and have-you-seen-this?  But eventually we got ourselves together, showered and changed and made our way out to enjoy our short time here.


Oh, did I say we did a few more oohs and aaahs along the way, walking around and around the lovely space and counting our blessings as we did.


The P&O Arcadia was berthed across and the Ocean Terminal but it was so misty, we could hardly see anything else.


It being Sunday afternoon, the Filipino maids were out in force, taking over Chater Road outside out hotel and having a wonderful time dancing, karaoke singing and chatting amongst themselves. 


They’ve always done this.  In the old days, they’d all sit in the park but since the park is gone, they take over the area around the Central MTR station and gather like a flock of starlings – making just as much noise as well! 


You might have guessed that we made our way directly to Star Ferry and went over to Kowloon, just to establish that yes, we are here!


We pottered along Nathan Road, running the gauntlet of the copy watch guys and browsing in a couple of shops along there.  Sunday afternoon and evening is amongst the busiest times here, with families and affluent young couples out shopping and enjoying their weekend.


At home yesterday, we tried to book a table at Nanhai No 1 Restaurant but found the online bookings closed.  Thankfully, the hotel concierge replied immediately to my email asking if he’d kindly book us a table.  Not only did he make the reservation, he snagged us a window seat too, but sadly we weren’t to see any of the laser show because of the mist up there on the 30th floor.  Never mind.  The food was delicious and a couple of hours later we staggered out feeling totally stuffed!


Back on the Star Ferry then, into the inky blue.


Though it was still misty, from sea level the lights and the skyline was a little clearer.


As we made our way back to the suite life in Central, the red sailed junk was sailing back the way it had come earlier.

We are in Hong Kong!  We love it!

One day in Hong Kong

One day in Hong Kong

Getting in the groove

Getting in the groove