Passports needed




The birthday boy had just one request: he’d like to go to Macau, please.   So, we did.




Of course, my Hero and I were there just last year and it was all still very fresh in our minds.  But it’s an easy journey by hydrofoil from Hong Kong and we were happy to go again, if only for a couple of hours.  We took the 1005 outward journey and were there about 1120 – these ferries don’t run the most punctual of services.




Once there, we got on one of the free hotel shuttle buses to the centre.  We chose the Lisboa Grande, since we knew our way from there into the old town and had a rather hair-raising journey because oh my, the driver put his foot down pretty hard the whole way.




The crowd on the streets was a fairly young one and standing behind this particular young man at the crossing, I couldn’t resist taking a picture of his T shirt.  So last year, don’t you think?!




Anyway, we stopped by the town hall where the Lunar New Year decorations had caught our eye last time round – needless to say, today it was all still Christmas,




Same in the plaza outside, too, where the large Christmas tree stood with decorations still blowing in the breeze.




Just beyond there, the tinsel was abundant, not that anyone was paying much attention, it seemed.




I think the vast majority of people here had some kind of food on their minds, if not in their hands, for vendors were encouraging everyone to taste their wares and in a couple of cases it led to a sale.  Good thing to do!




Not that anyone was giving away Pasteis de Nata, though.  Well, in our case, they didn’t need to do that, for we were there buying some just as soon as we could get a little money changed.




We sat on the wall at the foot of the gentle slope which leads up to the ruins and enjoyed a custard tart each – yummy!  Not that we are creatures of habit of course, but Allan and Jane will recognise every step.




Having climbed the steps to the top, we turned right to the escalator which would transport us to the door of the museum, where I had fun taking pictures of those things I didn’t get a super picture of last time, including these large puppets.  Lovely faces, eh?




“Have you heard the one about the actress and the bishop?”




On the top floor of the museum was an exhibit that neither of us could remember, including these lovely representations of landmarks within the city.  This cathedral is at the top of the main square with the Christmas tree and we identified several of them immediately.  But though the models are very accurate, it’s more of an indication of the relative size of the place than the maker’s skill – even a short term visitor can soon begin to recognise the main buildings, of which this is one.




I won’t go into detail about the  museum beyond noting what a treasure it is.  I did, however, take a picture of this paper weaving book – a technique I have tried with limited success in spite of having the tools to hand Winking smile




On the return walk to the casino, we spotted this “bride” – except I don’t think she is, do you?




Oh well, back to the casino, not to get a shuttle bus as this morning, because to do that, one needs to show a valid croupier’s receipt and sadly, we didn’t possess one of those, having merely walked through the casino for Edward’s benefit before going to join the taxi queue.  The taxi driver whisked us through the traffic in no time, so much so that our pre-booked return tickets were about an hour and a half too late.

Never fear when my hero is about though – we discovered we could choose to “standby” – or rather, hurry along and catch the ferry which was supposed to have left already.  In no time at all we were on board and bounced our way over the waves at considerable speed as we headed back to Hong Kong.




This evening, faced with a chance to do a little shopping, I went off on my own, because after all, who wants dh and ds trailing behind in Pottinger street?Open-mouthed smile  But then, it was the usual quick change and out to dinner before you could say “Jack Robinson”, this time to a fairly standard, run of the mill chain of restaurants where the food was quite good if lacking in depth and individual flavour but also about a quarter of the price of the last two suppers we’ve enjoyed.




Whilst the food was perfectly good, the service was a bit “take it or leave it” and when they forgot one of the dishes we’d ordered, we were hardly surprised since the staff displayed exactly that kind of casual attitude that one would associate with such mistakes.  Never mind, we wouldn’t go hungry, that’s for sure”

So, another fun packed day comes to an end and we’ll stagger into bed once more, tired but happy.  It’s really wonderful to be here and it never palls – altogether magical!

Shop till you drop?

Saturday afternoon in the park