One more day

One more day

A 5pm checkout at the hotel meant that we could use the whole of today to best advantage and so we’d left one item on our to do list specially.  When we were here last year, our friends took a trip out to Lantau Island, where there’s a huge Buddha and their experience tempted us to do the same.


We began, as usual, with the MTR, though this time on a different line – the Tung Chung line, right from one terminus to the other.


Surprise surprise, when we got out at the other end, we found ourselves in a shopping centre.  Who’d have thought it?!  But of course, that’s not why we were here…


Just around the corner was the station for the cablecar, because one of us had agreed that he’d summon up the courage to give it another go, his confidence boosted from the Swiss experiences in the summer.


Though each car was permitted to hold 17 people (heaven knows how) there was just the three of us and three Russian ladies in ours; enough ballast to keep the thing steady, we reckoned.


We were headed over the hills and far away.


A twenty five minute ride – and one of the Russian ladies was only slightly less happy than my Hero, who was holding his breath at times.


Because, although the scenery was interesting – can you see the airport down there? – in some places, it was a little windy which meant we did wobble about a bit.  The cabin was ventilated in several places so the wind howled and whistled around us, too.


Still, it was preferable to walking that track, I thought.  (Can you see the walkers below?)


All was fine and we arrived safe and sound at the other end, greeted by a poster for the “First Ever International Cable Car Gallery”.

Can’t.  Wait.


Stepping outside, we spotted the Buddha, too.


Accessed through the shopping mall, of course.


with traditional Chinese fast food places, such as Subway and Ebeneezer’s Kebabs.


I was tempted by a traditional Italian gelato – black sesame seed flavour, much better than it looks, too!


But come on, we want to see the Buddha.


Oh, I’d forgotten the cablecar exhibit!


Here we are, at the podium at the foot of the steps leading to the Buddha.  Guess who was going to climb them?  No, not me, I was happy to stay down here with his father and watch (and wave, how embarrassing!)  A perfect acoustic here, apparently, or so the guide was telling his client as he encouraged her to shout and listen for the echo.


The bright day and the coloured flags were most attractive and brought the place to life, rather and we were happy to stand and watch people for a while, until our boy came back down again with the observation that “it’s even bigger when you get up there”.

Who’d have thought it, eh?  Clever lad!


The Po Lin monastery was just around the corner so we wandered over to take a look.  Pretty quiet there, really, but a few people around lighting joss sticks and paying their devotions.


The shop was selling the most enormous joss sticks we’ve ever seen!


With a final look around and a glimpse of the Buddha, we made our way back to the terminus – not to return on the cablecar but to take the bus around the island instead.


So many signs and notices plastered everywhere, we’d better be on our best behaviour!


After a quick drink at the shopping centre, we were back on the MTR a few stops changing to the red line to Tsim Tsa Tsui.  We wanted to have one last ferry ride for this trip.


We even had a wave from the gentleman on the jetty as the Twinkling Star sailed over to Central.


Hong Kong remains an all time favourite place to be.  What a great way to celebrate Edward’s birthday – what fun we’ve had!



Shop till you drop?

Shop till you drop?