I can’t get my head around it really. 




At 5pm yesterday afternoon, we were checking in our bags at the Hong Kong Airport Express City Check In.




We bought our “group of 3” tickets and hopped right on the express train, arriving some twenty minutes later.  We made our way to the lounge – British Airways uses the Qantas lounge at Hong Kong and it was pretty busy for a while, but quietened down as the evening wore on.

We boarded our flight at 10.30pm and I set my watch to UK time – 2.30pm - planning my flight in the hope of resetting my body clock.  We took off and dinner was being served around 5pm.  I chose a light meal of salmon and a little rice in the hope that it would keep me going through the night.  I began to watch the Liberace film but gave up on it, finding it creepy and rather sordid and instead, opted for Enough Said, the perfectly amusing but instantly forgettable aeroplane film.  I fell asleep with about five minutes to go, around 5.30 pm and slept right through until they were serving breakfast at 2.30am this morning.

Our flight was the first into Heathrow at 4.30am and we drove home in the dark, getting back about 6.45am.  Now, at just before 9 am we’ve unpacked, the washing machine has completed one load and we’ve showered and gone through our normal “getting up” routine, including a porridge breakfast.

We begin a “normal” day.


The usual dilemma–resolved

One more day