Getting in the groove


As we were finishing our packing this morning, we were catching up on a couple of BBC programmes we’d missed in the last few days.  We’ll miss most of this series of Masterchef but nevertheless, caught up with it so far and as the programme credits came up, the TV skipped to the next programme we’d recorded – The Travel Show.


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We’ve started to record this half hour show each week because it goes out at 5.30am on a Saturday morning or some such time.  It’s a bright and breezy magazine style programme, ideal for watching when there’s nothing else on, or when we’re at a bit of a loose end. 


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This morning, it began with a feature about water levels in Venice and was presented by Ade Adepitan whose skills in getting around in what I imagine to be a pretty inaccessible city for a wheelchair user were remarkable.  I’m not sure there are that many people who could descend a flight of steps like that with so much control.


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But shortly afterwards, I was in the shower when my hero called out “quick, there’s that bridge  on the TV”.  Rather than suggesting I step out and watch as I dripped, he stopped the video and put it back to the start so that we could both sit and watch the feature from the start when I was out of the bathroom – because it was about Myanmar/Burma – and guess where we will will be next week?


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As well as a general overview of travelling in Burma, it featured travelling by boat on the Ayeyarwady.  Not just any boat, but the same boat as we’ll be travelling on next week.


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We even got a quick glimpse of the outside of our room as well – those chaps with the rope hadn’t better make a noise when we’re snoozing!

So, we’re all fired up now and raring to go.  We just booked a favourite restaurant for dinner in Hong Kong tomorrow night and when we’ve sorted out a few last minute details with our housesitters, we’ll be off.

See you in Hong Kong!

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