Contains very mild scary scenes and slapstick violence


“Just like at home, then”, according to someone who shall remain anonymous…




Our small friends took us to the cinema this morning, to see Despicable Me 2 which we all loved.  We were the only ones in the place for a while, but were joined by another couple of families shortly before the trailers began.  Once again, the Minions stole the show and whilst we giggled along with the children, my hero and I marvelled at the fantastic rendering of the fabrics in particular – Mr Gru’s jacket was exquisitely done, especially after the rainstorm.

We spent the rest of the day taming some Scoubidous into bracelets, hoping to find some longer lengths to buy whilst we were out but discovering that, around here at least, it’s last year’s craze.  Well, here’s hoping they start it going again amongst their friends soon, because we need more and just can’t wait for the Amazon package to arrive!

So much to learn

Can it really be September?

Can it really be September?