So much to learn


I’m making progress with my LSNED project though some days offer more opportunities for learning than others. 




Take yesterday, for example, when I enjoyed a lovely day at Moreton Show.  Once I’d completed my work judging the crafts in the Home and Garden marquee, I set out for my favourite corner: the Livestock arena.




I spent a happy hour or more, learning a little about judging cattle from the grey haired gentleman in the photograph, who was giving an excellent commentary as the judge did his work.  Don’t worry, though, I have no intention of broadening my specialism!




Taking photographs to record the entries I’d judged earlier proved that I still have a bit to learn when it comes to composing an image, too!




Walking around the show is a great opportunity to admire the skills of others, even if I’m not really inspired to grow enormous vegetables.

All of this is a strong contrast to what I learned on Friday, though, when I realised that there is a difference between a pivoting table


Mobile Folding Tables


and a pivot table





I have so much to learn.

Made it!

Contains very mild scary scenes and slapstick violence