Made it!


There were times last week when this afternoon seemed a long way away on the horizon.  This afternoon being Monday, the first empty space in my diary since the last time I posted anything here.

Oh my.




It was a week of lists of things to do, of prioritising things which could wait a while in order to get those things which simply had to be done completed in time.  (I don’t normally write like that by the way, but was feeling in need of a little silliness at the end of a long day)




I wasn’t the only one to be feeling the pinch either.  In an open plan office, it’s quite hard to focus at times!




But we made it.  With a couple of breathing spaces to keep me on track, thankfully.  Lunch with a good friend in an empty pub and lunch with my hero in another empty pub on the following day meant that there was no need to shop and cook. 




There was the other fun distraction of my WI meeting too – our speakers, Sue and Mark from Kelsmor Dairy arrived in their ice cream van and having told us all about their farm, their herd of Guernsey cattle and the business of making award winning ice cream we formed an orderly queue and gave it a try – one flavour at a time!




This was the view from my workroom on Friday, where we spent most of the day in the company of almost 200 colleagues and my working space was aptly described by a colleague as “the bottom end”.

No comment!




The last of my show bookings for this year on Saturday and a fun finish with this unusual class.  Can you work out what they are?




I thought this little chap was the cutest animal made from vegetables I’ve seen this year.  First prize, of course!




And there we were, almost into the open again.  A comforting lunch of Rose Prince’s Poached Chicken with Leeks and Tarragon will stretch for a couple of meals and I left Cirencester this morning having ticked off the last entry in my work calendar for a few days and feeling good about that.

I think it’s time for some fun, don’t you? 


There is the European Ironing Mountain to keep me quiet.

New tricks

So much to learn