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Last Saturday, whilst judging at a local village show, I slipped up.  I was breezing merrily through the knitting and crochet entries and failed to recognise a particular technique.  Thankfully, the exhibitor caught me as I was leaving and we were able to spend a few minutes discussing the characteristics of tunisian crochet

There are several variations of yarn crafts, all related to the two most widely known: knitting and crochet.  But I’ve seldom seen anything unusual on a village show bench and in my bag of samples I take with me when teaching, there’s just one sample of hairpin crochet which usually foxes everyone enough to prompt a little research.




Well, would you recognise that as crochet?  I have clever friends! (thank you, Sally)


Anyway, back to the Tunisian Crochet.  Failing to spot it was especially annoying since, earlier in the year, I’d come across a tutorial and simple pattern which I’d shared with my crafty friends online.  I’d intended to give it a go but didn’t get round to it.

Guess what I did yesterday, though?




I found a plastic hook in my Mum’s knitting needle box.  I’m sure it was the kind of thing given away free with Woman’s Own or whatever.  Still, it was enough for me to have a go with.  In no time at all, I’d completed the foundation row and gone on a little further.




When I looked closely at the back, I could see how I’d mistaken it for knitting. 




Though the front looks very different.  Just like crochet, though, my work is so tight – I might be able to achieve an even tension but oh my goodness, it’s really dense!




Anyway, whilst shopping this morning, I bought a metal hook which has speeded the process up rather and my dishcloth (yes…) is nearly complete.




The edges are firm and neat and the technique is easy to pick up.  This afternoon, I browsed Pinterest for a few more pattern ideas and came across this.


Fullscreen capture 18092013 180213


Gorgeous!  And yes, I have some of that Malabrigo yarn in my stash…

Would you pardon the pun if I said, for now, I’m hooked?

A creative evening

A creative evening

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