The knitting mojo




During a conversation with our friends last week, one of whom is an expert knitter, I heard my hero wax lyrical about his hand knitted socks.  I knew that a couple of pairs had gone to the great sock graveyard in the sky recently and thought to myself that it is time that I replaced them.  So, yesterday, on a quiet afternoon here, I got out the knitting bag to gather the ingredients.




The knitting bag is an altogether different thing from the crochet bag, though I could see a sneaky knitting needle had found its way into the wrong place and retrieved it whilst I was on the case.




Oh my goodness.  Jordi, I might need your knowledge here, since these two scraps of weird knitting were amongst the first bits to be pulled from the knitting bag.  I have no idea…




Next came the “so far” of a long cowl in an interesting stitch, together with another eight balls of the same lovely yarn.  I really must have wanted to knit this if I bought so many balls of what must have been quite pricy Debbie Bliss yarn but you know, I can’t remember what it is or where it came from and unusually for me, there’s no pattern in the bag. 

I put it into the bag and decided to leave it for another day.  Yes, in a few years time it could feature in an exhibition like the one I visited in Cirencester recently!




Oooh, look, another of those funny shapes!  (I think they were knitted roses which were supposed to be stitched onto a scarf I knitted years ago, but I thought better of it and took them off)




I found three crochet motifs in the wrong bag. Clearly, my filing system isn’t what it used to be.




There was a part finished mini sock.  why?




Another part finished mini sock – but I know why this one was done, because it’s one of the weirdly shaped designs by Cat Bordhi and I needed to work it out before knitting the full sized version.




Getting nearer to the bottom, I found a part finished piece of lace knitting in a magenta linen yarn which I recognised to be Swedish because it’s on the needles I bought in Umea.




It’s not lace any more.




All that remained at the bottom of the bag were a few odds and ends of yarn, a pot of beads and a few stitch markers which had escaped their box.




One extremely large button, and…




what I’d been looking for all along!  Though I work from a basic sock pattern I have made some changes to perfect the fit for my hero’s foot and I knew these notes had to be somewhere.





The knitting mojo is back in the building.

In the audience

Checking the details