Feet haven’t touched…

Feet haven’t touched…


Busy days here.   Since last Thursday, when I gathered up a few of my journals and mini books to take for a couple of demonstrations, there’s been rather more fun than work, I’m glad to say.


Where there was work to be done, there were rather more hands than usual to share it.  Quite often, it was accompanied by a chorus from South Pacific or similar.  With all the doors and windows open, we probably entertained the whole village!


My Hero’s birthday last weekend meant a houseful,  but these were happy days spent around the kitchen table doing crosswords with a glass of something interesting on hand.


Occasionally we left the house for a breath of fresh air.


Enjoying the beautiful scent of sweet peas on a sunny Sunday afternoon.


Of course, there was also birthday “cake”, built in a tower so high it toppled over and needed constant attention and “tidying up”.  Thankfully, there was plenty of help with that task, too!


Having said our goodbyes on Wednesday afternoon, normal routine began again yesterday, with a work meeting in another interesting place.


And WI last night was fun with a fascinating talk by the ladies from the Canal Trust who told us about the lives of the women who lived on the narrowboats.

Winking smile

They brought a marvellous collection of traditional craftwork with them too.  That got a few fingers itching, I can tell you


Today, we are home alone and the house is quiet.  Our family and friends are at home too: John in Melbourne, Sandy in Hobart, Edward in London and Amy in Devon.  Only Sam and Elise are still travelling, somewhere in Norway, by now, perhaps.

I think I really have lost all my excuses for not putting all my journals back where they belong.


Belt and braces

Belt and braces

The times, they are a-changin’