Can it really be September?

Can it really be September?

We had such a lovely day yesterday with friends from Arizona, with whom we spent a fun Independence Day last year that the change in the month passed me by.  We’re enjoying the fine weather, don’t have a new term to worry about (or look forward to) and though I’m gently easing back into work mode, really, the summer goes on.


There’s an abundance of fruit in the garden and thanks to Sue and Ivars’ restraint during Sunday lunch yesterday, there’s an abundance of puddings in the fridge too.


Yes, of course one of them is a plum crumble.  Good things happen in September!


Last week, prompted by an email from Shimelle about her annual “Learn Something New Every Day” project, I began to think how I might approach it this year.  I try to do something different each year – last year I had fun getting my hands dirty, in 2011 I made an envelope book and enjoyed playing with both glue stick and my computer, because previously, I’d found that though it was fun to use my computer to do these things, I missed playing around with glue and scissors.

How shall I do it this year, then?

I decided to use September to explore something I’ve seen but not really tried myself: Instagram.  I’ve signed up and logged in on my phone and also downloaded Rhonna Farrer’s app with the intention of learning to edit photos using my phone this year.  Yesterday, the first of the month, I took a photograph of the lovely sunset from our window using my phone.  I then tried my first edit by adding some text to it, saving in Day One.


I haven’t yet decided if I’ll eventually print them all out or leave them in a digital album, but I aim to learn something new each day by exploring the hundreds of options available in the Rhonna Designs app.  I haven’t decided yet if I want to post each one to Instagram, either, since this might be as public as I want to go for now.  We’ll see.

One thing is for sure.  I have a lot to learn!

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