Nearly forgot!

Nearly forgot!

As I was sorting through the papers on my desk, I came across the map I was intending to include i my journal.  It wasn’t easy finding one which included all our destinations on one manageable sheet and I’d tucked it away carefully so I wouldn’t lose it.

You know what happened to it then, don’t you ;-)


Measuring slightly over 6 inches by 8, it was too big to fit in a journal pocket as it was, so it was time to relearn the Turkish Map Fold


Though I’ve done it countless times before, I can never quite work it out from scratch and always have to refer to one I made earlier, or the excellent instructions on the website.


Of course, as noted there, folding a rectangular map isn’t quite so straightforward as folding a square one.  But hey, why make life simple?


Suffice to say that we’ll now know where we are, where we’re going and possibly, see where we’ve been too.

But we still have to pack our bags.  26C in Hong Kong today, 1C in Beijing.  I think we’re talking layers, don’t you?

The importance of heels

The importance of heels