The importance of heels




I’ve spent the last couple of days making lists.  Lists for the builder, who is still finishing off one or two things here.  Lists for the housesitter, who knows where things are but might appreciate a small reminder or two.  Most important from my point of view, lists of things to pack.

The most perplexing challenge is, do I really need to take a pair of high heeled shoes?

You see, we were all relaxed about this.  The cruise we will join in a week’s time will be on our favourite ship and we are familiar with their dress code and the style in which people interpret it.  “Country Club Casual” is easy to do and even though we enjoy dressing for dinner and even stepping it up a gear to include a bit of bling on occasion, we are comfortable with that description.   But a “formal night” has slipped in there somewhere and though I am happy that the clothes I have with me will dress up well enough to match the elegance of my hero, what about the shoes?

Is it worth carrying a pair of heels half way around the world for just one evening?




Well, the bags are packed and the decision is made.  The heels are staying home.  I snuck in an extra jacket instead.  Oh, and a pair of very flashy flats.

See you in Macau tomorrow!

We’re here

Nearly forgot!

Nearly forgot!