A lovely day here, much appreciated after the dreary and cold times we’ve had of late.  A bit of blue sky and a fine morning really lifts the spirits, not that we were in need of such things.  We expected company for Sunday lunch, and that was going to be entertainment enough.




As a result, my morning was spent in the kitchen, roasting pork, vegetables and assembling the strawberry pavlova I’d made last night.   I baked Simon Hopkinson’s Pear and Ginger Sponge which is, in my opinion, every bit as “yummo scrummo beyond belief” as is claimed.




But at one point I stepped outside to photograph these two in the garden.




How cute are they?   Made from a single six inch square of knitting, they come together in no time and were created whilst watching TV last night.  I used 28 stitches on 5.5mm needles and a ball of angora yarn, following these instructions to transform the flat square into a baby bunny.  They will grow tails at some point soon.




In the meantime, they are showing particular interest in the pear and ginger sponge!  I’ll find a home for them before Easter ;-)

Nearly forgot!

Nearly forgot!

Taking a deep breath