Late Summer


When we planted the new lavender border in our garden, the grower advised pruning “8-8-8”, that’s to 8 inches on the 8th of the 8th month.  This year, it was still in full bloom on that date and so we were a little later than the 8th cutting it back.  In fact, my hero did it yesterday whilst I was gallivanting around the capital.




We had quite a lot of trimmings; definitely enough to share.  So this afternoon, our friends came over to make some lavender bags and rattles.




Making a lavender rattle is easy and a great way to use a few lavender stems from your garden.  I’ve uploaded a tutorial here for you to download.




Crispin the bear came too but he didn’t seem to be terribly interested in joining in the fun.




In a couple of hours, we’d managed half a dozen rattles and four lavender bags – enough for grannies and friends with a couple left over to keep.




You wouldn’t believe how calm we were by the end of the afternoon…


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