I got my act together and started working on my December Journal!  Well, it is the 5th…


It’s been a funny old week.  Of course, I began it half way through really, since we were in Berlin until Tuesday night and Wednesday disappeared in a mountain of unpacking, washing and general sorting out.  On Thursday, it was my WI Christmas lunch which is usually a jolly affair in a local hotel, but this year we were a little subdued.  The husband of one of our dear friends had died a week or so ago and his memorial service was in the little village church on Thursday morning.  Though she wanted us to carry on with the Christmas lunch as planned it was strange without her and of course, she (and her dear departed husband) were both on everyone’s mind.


Of course, there was shopping to be done and a Christmas tree to choose – even though it won’t be brought inside until next weekend, we know there won’t be any more to choose from later in the week.  So, we decided to go and sort that one out before the weekend rush and were glad we did – first one we saw, we liked  (but of course, we had to look at another couple before we could settle!)

I loved these juniper hearts for the door, but really couldn’t justify spending so much on one, however lovely they are.  I shall hope for calmer weather tomorrow and find a few bits in the garden to make one instead.


And all the week, I was aware that I hadn’t even started my December Journal.  I hadn’t looked at any of my goodies from Berlin and hadn’t really done anything in my studio since the girls came to play a couple of weeks ago.  I knew that the longer I left it, the harder it would be to start.  So today, I decided to do nothing else until I had got it up to date.


First thing was to get the Christmas bits out.  Much easier to complete a page a day if it’s all there at my fingertips, so I pulled a few things from my stash and added them to some new things from this year and settled down to begin.


I knew the colour scheme I’d chosen but decided to leave the covers till later – maybe until the end?  So, right now, it’s not looking especially promising!


But inside is a bit better: a page about advent calendars, one about making my Christmas cards the other day and a few bits and pieces from the Christmas lunch (cracker jokes are usually pretty reliable for that page!)


There’s a photo of choosing the tree and a page about the Christmas cards which are now arriving by every post.


There are still piles of “stuff” on my other worktops though, including a set of numbers for next year’s advent calendar found in Karstadt last weekend, the empty packaging from a box of Advent tea we found: a different tea for every day of the month, individually packaged in a numbered envelope.  I feel sure I can find a use for those (the paper envelopes I mean – of course, we’ll drink the tea!)

Last but not least, the hotel where we had lunch was decorated with paper stars which caught the attention of the ladies around the table, who now want me to show them how they’re made at next week’s WI meeting.  Well, though I’ve made them years ago, I just had to check that I could still remember how…so samples have been prepared and left, half finished on my worktop.

The good thing is, because it’s been such an odd week, I keep thinking today is Sunday.  That means, I get a bonus day tomorrow!  Woohoo!

Das ist das Haus vom Nikolaus

Das ist das Haus vom Nikolaus

Jetzt fängt das gute Leben an

Jetzt fängt das gute Leben an