Here we are again, then…


This pre-Christmas shopping jaunt has become a bit of a tradition for us.  The first year, we snook away in the depths of a miserable November, hoping for a little lightness as Mummy failed to recover as hoped from her stroke.  We took advantage of remarkably good prices for flights, treating ourselves to the luxury of Upper Class for the first time.  We were amazed to find few people travelling that weekend because of the Thanksgiving holiday, cheap hotel rooms for the same reason and unbelievably deep discounts on top of discounts in the shops.  The start of the Christmas season in the USA is so delightful, too.




It was a little dreary when we arrived yesterday but the forecast is good and from reading emails from friends back home, considerably warmer here than there.  Today, sunshine is forecast with a chill wind, tomorrow the wind will drop, we’re told, and it will be a glorious day.  We’ll see…

Boston November 2010

Of course, it’s warm in the shops, so warm last evening, that people were wearing T shirts, making us look very strange wrapped up in coats and scarves.  We took advantage of some of those offers, after all, 30% off the whole purchase in my favourite store just couldn’t be refused.  There was 40% off everything in the shop opposite too, where lovely twinkly cashmere gloves and scarves were in the window, tempting me in.




I can see, it’s going to be a fun day today!


Meanwhile, Edward’s at home, holding the fort and driving himself in my car to a party tonight.  I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the snow holds off.

Under a cloudless blue sky

Late to the party, again