Here we are (again)


It’s Black Friday and we are here in Boston after a completely uneventful and trouble-free journey (the kind we like).




Our travelling companions have found a spot on the windowsill from where they can view the goings on down below.





Hard not to, really.  I had spotted a jacket which I thought interesting and worth trying on.  When I asked if there was any discount on it, I was told that it had already been discounted by 30%.  Thinking that was that, I began to do sums in my head and didn’t really register the rest of the assistant’s sentence…”and because it’s already discounted, there’s a further 40% off as well”.  Take another 5% off because I have a loyalty card for that particular store (hmm…yes…!) and I took home a jacket priced at $150 for around $50.

Chatting to the assistant as she packed it for me, she asked how long we’d been in town.  She laughed when we said “oh, about an hour”.




Christmas has arrived here and I know someone who will recognise those decorations from previous years but as she doesn’t read my blog, I’ll be taking the photographs along to show her later.  Bettine (m-i-l) has been with us on our last two visits and it seems strange not to have her along this time – she felt she’d “been there, done that” this year, though when we spoke on the phone on our arrival, she was rather rueful that we were eating in Legal Seafoods tonight!




We did a quick run into the drugstore opposite and though we haven’t stocked up on Christmas chocolates yet, it’s good to know they’re there when we want them!




And though we didn’t eat in this particular restaurant, I couldn’t resist taking a photograph of the menu.  Peekytoe crab?  Johnny Cakes?  Research needed!!


Tomorrow, we’ll hit the shops for real.  The weather is unseasonably warm – warmer than at home, even, and this evening we both went out wearing sweater but no coat.  The forecast predicts gradually decreasing temperatures but well above freezing and we’ll keep our fingers crossed that it stays dry.

But first, a good night’s sleep!!

Saved £10

Lily and Ernie