Saved £10


As we left home, I was doing my mental checklist of things I’d remembered to pack, stopping abruptly when it came to “gloves”.  Did I want to go back and quickly grab a pair?  I decided against, but whilst at Heathrow yesterday morning, I dithered a little in Accessorise, wondering if I could really come to Boston on the last weekend in November without a pair of gloves in my bag.




But who needs gloves in these temperatures?!




Really, watching the TV weather forecast this morning we reflected that we could almost have left our coats at home.


And yes, sorry, Janice, it really is a year since we were snagging bargains here previously.  Time flies when you’re having fun!


Right, off to start our day in Macys this morning.  It opened at 7am, so the queue should have gone by now Winking smile

Fresh air and fun

Here we are (again)