Under a cloudless blue sky


It’s chilly but invigorating.  Just the right weather to be popping in and out of shops.  Perfect.




The thing is, many of them are such a visual feast, that even if no purchases are made, it’s still fun.  Even more so, now the staff in Anthropologie don’t get agitated at the sight of a camera any more.




We love the way the stores here make an effort to spruce up the outside too.




With a folklore theme going on inside, I’m enjoying capturing some images ready for my Christmas journal which I’ll begin in a few days time.




Enjoying a comforting hot drink in Starbucks (will it be salt caramel chocolate or peppermint mocha this time?…yum!) we make one of those chance enounters we love.  The chap standing behind me waiting for our drinks recognises my accent and comes over to Mark to begin a conversation.  We discover he’s a musician on his way to play the matinee of the Nutcracker with the ballet.  When we tell him we’re going to the Symphony this evening, he laughs and says that he also plays with the BSO – he’s a percussionist.  Having discussed the programme, we look forward to seeing him on stage, feeling a connection with the orchestra in the same way we do at Symphony Hall back home.




It was a fine concert and we enjoyed it greatly.  Disappointing though, how the audience began to leave almost as soon as the last note had been played.  Andris would have held that magical silent moment so much longer…

35 down, 15 to go

Here we are again, then…