Late to the party, again


To the film party this time.

We don’t go to the cinema often and tend to store up lists of films we look forward to watching on a flight somewhere.  Those which we really, really want to see, we’ll get on DVD if they don’t show up along the way courtesy of BA or whoever.  Others fall by the wayside as we forget all about them until they turn up on TV years later.

One film was on our list, because it was premiered when we were in New York this Summer and we’d read good things about it.  But it had slipped our mind until we looked through the schedules today, when we boarded our flight to Boston for our annual pre-Christmas shopping trip.




Despicable Me is possibly the best film we’ve watched in ages.  We thought it was even better than Up – possibly because it didn’t have that schmaltzy, sentimental side to the story.  The characterisations were terrific, the small details so clever (we must have missed so many, we really want to see it again).  Quite why we didn’t rush to the cinema to see it when it first came out, I have no idea…but if we had, then our flight today wouldn’t have been anything like as much fun!

Here we are again, then…