One of my friends has opened a gift shop in Southfields, London, so yesterday we planned our first inspection.  Of course, Chalk passed with flying colours!!




Sadly one friend didn’t make it.  Nita waited for her train but after standing for two freezing cold hours on the platform, very sensibly gave up and went home.  We missed her.




As you’d expect, Chalk is a classy place with all kinds of things that Lynn and I were keen to buy.  I’d also say that they have the best selection of greeting cards that I’ve seen – who knew that you could buy a card for so many occasions?




Jenny was taking care of the “front of house” whilst we chatted – her jewellery is amazing and remarkably affordable too.  Paulene’s done an amazing job to get all of this together so quickly and with lots of well-chosen, one-off treasures, nothing expensive and everything beautifully displayed, yes, of course we bought!

Late to the party, again

Couldn’t put it down