Couldn’t put it down


My Kindle, that is.


I’ve just finished my first full length novel delivered direct to it and I must say, I loved it!  I’d browsed my recommendations and having read a review of the title in a weekend paper, I’d earmarked it as my kind of thing already.  So, I hit ”buy” and within seconds it was there, ready to read.

Those recommendations were correct because from the moment I began the story of “twenty years, two people” I knew that I was going to love it.  The device of beginning each chapter on July 15th, moving forward one year at a time meant that the tale moved fast and didn’t dwell on the minutiae but rather swept along and allowed me, the reader to fill in the gaps. 

The Kindle remembered exactly where I’d left off each time and a slide of the button took me to the spot where I could start again.  Five minutes sitting on the bus was enough to enjoy another few pages, because the Kindle is small enough to fit in my bag. 

The problem?

Well, unlike a conventional book, the cover isn’t always apparent and for some reason, I simply could not remember what book it was that I was enjoying so much.  Even now, having savoured those last pages and sat back with a sigh, I can’t immediately recall the name and author!

All the imagined niggles came to nought – there’s a clear indicator of progress, it’s easy to see how far into the book I’d read and the battery life is incredible.  No worries there.  However, if I am to recommend you read the story of Em and Dex, Dex and Em, then clearly, you need to know where to look. 

Start here.




But be prepared with a hanky…


What fun, too, that David Nicholls has shared Emma’s playlist on Spotify!


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