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To Tewkesbury Abbey this morning, to put together the display which represents the committee I sit on: Home Economics, Gardening and Specialised Crafts.  In other words, all the activities that most people associate with the WI - including flower arranging, food and drink.


We'd all agreed to use these 4ft diameter boards, lifted slightly on bricks and covered with grey jersey.  I worked on a Domestic Goddess/Desperate Housewife theme and was very appreciative of the member who agreed to loan me her amazing wicker lady.  With something like a 20" waist and legs almost to her armpits, this fantastic structure lends a modicum of elegance to the display, for which I am grateful.


The Abbey was fairly quiet this morning, but the few visitors who were wandering around were curious about what we were doing and why.  I must say, I really enjoy talking to those brave enough to stop and ask questions and it's that aspect which is most appealing during the next few days.


Tomorrow, I'll begin the craft exhibition, as 200 or so items of craftwork are brought to the Abbey for the display.  I can't wait to see what treasures appear!

Coming together

Fresh start (2)

Fresh start (2)