Fresh start (2)

Fresh start (2)

Remember the breadmaking day

Since then, we've tried (very hard) to recreate the process which resulted in such yummy bread.  In particular, we've struggled to get any consistent outcomes from the sourdough/natural yeast starter.  We've had helpful advice from Clive, have tried again with a newly invigorated yeast mother but still felt dispirited and hopeless.

Then we went on holiday, leaving "Clive's mother" in the fridge for nearly four weeks without food.  Unsurprisingly, there was little sign of life when we tried to resuscitate her and we left her to sit there as a cruel reminder.

Then I came across this.  It was all we needed to get us going again.  We remembered that Clive had advised us to put half of his mother into the freezer "just in case" and having brought this back to life over the weekend, we've begun again.  A bowl of healthy-looking dough is rising in the kitchen as I type.  It looks and feels much more "the thing" and so far so good.


on 2009-09-01 07:49 by Gill Thomas

Good, eh?

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Fresh start