Coming together


Things are coming together, beautifully.  The gracious old Abbey is kindly accepting of all of these brightly coloured, modern intrusions and is working wonders to accommodate every piece.  The steps around the glorious font, there is the centre of the photograph above, seem to lend themselves perfectly to a whole raft of cushions, kneelers and a great collection of June's couture hats.  When we were stuck for ideas of where to hang a wonderful wallhanging, we seemed to find a nail or a screw in just the right part of those old, old walls.  When we looked for a space to place the collage about wartime women, where better than that corner by the war memorial? 

When most of the worker bees had drifted off in the late afternoon, the peace that replaced all of the activity settled over it all like a light and protective cloud.

Tomorrow, there'll be champagne and celebrities.  What stories that place could tell. 

Open for business

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