Back in the groove

Back in the groove


The fun has lingered a little longer but finally, we’ve come back down to earth.  We spent Monday pottering around London and drove home late afternoon with a stowaway: Mary.  Well, of course, all surprises were out by then, so I didn’t need to ask her to hide in the boot or anything and simply announced that, by the way, we have a houseguest for a few days!


How lovely to have her company for a little while longer, to have the excuse to have a morning in Tetbury instead of doing washing and catching up with work.  St Mary’s Parish Church (top picture) was looking lovely in the sunshine, but by the time we came out again, the clouds had covered over the blue sky and the best part of the day had gone.


We admired the painted bunting on the shop window, thinking that it was even more effective than the real thing.  Very eye-catching!


Further down (?up) Long Street is the most amazing florist where I could spend all morning.  Magical!


Then, spending only a few minutes in the Highgrove Shop which is a shadow of its former self, sadly, and well on the way to becoming a National Trust clone, we turned the corner and spent rather longer in the bookshop and Bristows, a gem of a treasure trove which has been surprising us as long as we’ve lived here.  Full to the brim with exotic textiles, furnishings and all kinds of ephemera, it’s always been a delight to drop in – who’d have thought those magnificent wood panels were in a Cotswold garden?  Finally, gathering bread from our favourite baker and something for tomorrows lunch from our favourite butcher it was time for home.


Sadly, Mary had to head for the airport whilst we had an invitation to tea.  Though our small friends had shared in the London-based fun, they invited us to an after school treat and having said – real, this time – farewells to Mary, we enjoyed lovely sandwiches and cakes and an all-round jolly occasion which was the grand finale to the birthday surprises.


We’re now back into our groove and a few sunny days have brought out another bunch of small friends who seem to have made our garden their chosen playground.  It’s a few years since we saw a group of foxcubs like this and watching them chase around the garden in broad daylight is fascinating.  I’m not sure our neighbour’s chickens feel quite so comfortable, though.


As for me, it’s back to work, with three full days in a row.  I’ll squeeze in a little culture this weekend, though.

Advice for a wet Sunday

Advice for a wet Sunday

The surprises kept on coming

The surprises kept on coming