One of those weeks when every waking moment is accounted for, when the sensible thing would have been to say "no, sorry" to extra commitments rather than say "well, I could be there by ten but would have to leave before two".

But I'm not good at saying "no".

Anyway, some arrangements had been made a long time ago and yesterday, I had arranged to teach a dayschool for nine enthusiastic and highly motivated women.  Preparation was required and the bags packed.



A car boot full of "resources" and an upstairs venue for the workshop gave me plenty of opportunity to work off a bit of energy.



Whoever described teaching as "chalk and talk" was clearly not of this wired-up age.  Yesterday, there was a birdsnest of wires and plugs and once it was all connected, it really did make some of the explanation much easier - it's always hard to explain the difference between a plan and an elevation, but a docucam is a useful device to switch viewpoints instantly.

And when the lunchtime ennui sets in, there's always the Pogo to play with.




I don't teach these days as often as I used to do and really miss the hands-on work.  Though my job results in added pressure to jump through all the hoops and tick all the boxes, I'm happy to do that if it makes for a great outcome.



But it does make for a full handbag (carrying Pogo, two digital cameras, Flip video camera, ipod touch, voice recorder, a couple of memory sticks and all the assorted charging cables etc)  


What fun!



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