Serious Things


My book group choice this time was Serious Things by Gregory Norminton.  Technically it had been my choice, since I'd cut out a review and handed it to Jackie, our librarian member who can sometimes get a title in sufficient quantity to save us all a purchase.  Surprisingly, there were enough copies of this to go around which caught me a bit on the hop, because I wasn't sure if it was going to be my cup of tea at all.

I was wrong.  It turned out to be a fairly easy read, beautifully written in a gentle and atmospheric style.  Fairly economic - some said sparse - use of words which nevertheless conveyed more than a first reading suggested.  Our discussion highlighted many events and characters that we'd forgotten along the way - so many small points were brought into the story and left undeveloped.  Having been irritated by last month's choice which tied up every loose end so conveniently (and completely unbelieveably) it came as a breath of fresh air to find that not every author sees the need to do that!

Recommended as one of those books which will stay with you, which will provoke all kinds of thoughts and queries for days after you finish the final page.  A good read.


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