Hot hot hot

We've had a lovely day.



 We set off early and headed for Kew Gardens.  Until a few well-behaved school groups arrived, we had the place more or less to ourselves.



We were surprised at how much open space there was - I'm not altogether sure what I expected but I didn't imagine it to be quite like this.


 And neither did I imagine our garden wall to be here either!



 I looked forward to seeing these, however.



and whilst a frog chorus would have completed the scene, the peace and quiet was equally enjoyable!


   Finally, what day in London is complete without meeting Edward for drinks and supper at "the office"?  Not only that, but since we weren't rushing off for a train, we could spend time with a privileged look behind the scenes.  As Big Ben struck ten o'clock, we were standing open-mouthed, gazing at the gilded ceiling of the Robing Room, the wonderful portraits in the Royal Gallery and trying to remember as many details as we could about the portraits in the Princes Chamber - Dudley, Lady Jane Grey, Arthur Prince of Wales, the six wives and Henry himself.  Such riches, such history - Magna Carta there on the wall and over there in a glass case, a facsimile, covered in red wax seals, of the death warrant of Charles I when we'd just stood on the very spot where he had received the judgement, too.

You can do the same tour as we did, by clicking here  I was so sorry that I couldn't take any photographs, but seeing the virtual tours is better still.  You can even click to get a close up of Charles ! death warrant and Oliver Cromwell's signature.  Amazing.

We walked back to our lovely hotel across the park on a sultry Summer evening and felt very fortunate indeed!



Oh my...