On my toes


I’m spending rather a lot of time at the office these days.  With the OFSTED visit looming and a variety of meetings I’d have been going to anyway, my very part time job has changed into an almost full time commitment, for the time being at least.  Whilst in the office yesterday I was really concerned that my normally happy colleagues were scratchy and irritable, over-burdened with work and concerned to make sure that they were doing what needs to be done, in spite of cutbacks.

Though I too have responsibilities and more stress than usual, my role doesn’t involve sitting at a desk working on administrative business and I have rather more opportunities to escape it all.  As we were driving up to Birmingham last night to go to a symphony concert, I was thinking how I could bring a smile to the faces of my friends and colleagues when I went into the office this morning.  Since I’m spending so much time there, I’d take my slippers!




Yes, red sheepskin with pompoms…hardly the most discreet design, but sure enough, when I pulled them from my bag and changed out of my shoes, the atmosphere lightened and we made a jolly start on checking some of the files and folders of information the inspectors will want to see.


And then the fire alarm went.


Yes, who found herself on parade with every worker in the building, a class of students, visitors mooching around the car park and the museum which occupies the ground floor, whilst still wearing a pair of red fluffy slippers?  (Because, of course, I couldn’t waste time going back for my shoes or getting my camera, could I?)


But it least it made everyone smile! 


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