Another page

Another page

I’ve been mulling this one over for a few days, unable to identify a piece of text which I could adapt and use for my page four, themed “Goals and Desires”.  this morning, reading one of my favourite blogs, I came across a short paragraph which just hit the spot (words by Vineeta Nair from this book).  It didn’t really matter that it doesn’t fit the given theme at all, I decided, since I liked the sentiment so much.


No need to identify a palette this time either, since I had this digital collection burning a hole in my pocket for a while, awaiting the opportunity to use it.

An afternoon working at my computer, answering various queries from colleagues gave me an opportunity to take small breaks from work and create this rather simple layout which included most of the features taught in this lesson.

GT Life page finished2

What did I learn this time?

  • I created an overpainted background

  • created a warped text block

  • filled type with colour but then deleted that as being way too naff

  • painted the edge of the page (and then neatened the place where the label folds over)

  • made all kinds of hue and saturation adjustments to attempt to get the colours to “sing” but ultimately felt I had not achieved 100% success on that one.

So, another page done.  Surprising what we can achieve when we’re supposed to be doing something else, isn’t it?

Lesson Five is themed “Introspection”.  Hmm.  Bearing in mind we have OFSTED stopping by work  in two weeks time, I’m thinking that might be a little close to home?

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