Here and there, this and that

Here and there, this and that


It’s been a busy old week – serves me right for going away for three weeks I suppose.  But at least my diary was filled with interesting activities, one of which took me past one of my favourite bronze installations (for want of a better word).


I snapped several photographs as it’s not in the most accessible of places and I was sitting on a bus at the time!  I don’t think I’ve ever seen Dunamis from this angle before but rather like it and think it would be a far more appropriate monument for dearly departed Norma Jean, visited on our road trip here.


I did my best to get back into the swing of work last week too, spending an hour or so sitting chatting to some students and their tutor in the allotments.  Thankfully, it stayed dry that day!


I know, I’ve said it before but I do get to work in some interesting places!


Whilst in London on Wednesday joining my colleagues on an industry panel, I spent some time in Selfridges, awaiting my appointment at Blink.   I pottered downstairs to take a look at the Project Ocean exhibition and whilst the message about the amount of plastics in the sea is pretty depressing, the artwork and the visual approach to the subject was extraordinary. 


Shelves of water containers were artworks in themselves and following through with the spirit of the project, Selfridges have banned single use water bottles from sale in the store and instead, installed water fountains where reusable bottles can be refilled.  I didn’t need to refill mine because part of the exhibition is the water bar where I found a menu of natural flavours to add to the tap water being served there.  Why hadn’t I thought of adding a spring of crushed mint to a bottle of ordinary tap water before?  Delicious!


But delicious as it was, there’s nothing like a cup of tea in the afternoon, is there?  Especially when it comes in the form of a cocktail!

Winking smile

I’d arranged to meet Edward, Christopher and Michael in Vintage Salt for an early supper before catching my train home and arriving before the three of them gave me an opportunity to get a head start


Beefeater gin, homemade Earl Grey syrup,

lemon juice, Earl Grey cold tea, gin & tonic sorbet

Well, as they say in Eataly;



In the pink

In the pink