In the pink

In the pink


On July 7th, my hero’s birthday, in Hot Springs, AR, someone was trying to decide what colour to paint the wall of their building.  We’d all have chosen Earl Grey, perhaps with a splash of Roman Violet, offset maybe with a touch of Water Chestnut?

Actually, the day turned out pink.


After we’d mooched around the bathhouses and were on our way back to Little Rock, a message arrived from home with a happy announcement.  Our small friends have a baby sister!  So, when we were in Chicago we went in search of a small gift.


For a couple of seconds, I considered a pair of “Babiators”, the safe, durable and awesome sunglasses, presumably, a must have for all the fashionable tots on the beach this season.  Thankfully, a better idea came into view.


A pair of shoes!  These tiny moccasin boots in the softest leather were adorable but just a bit too practical to buy for a gift.  After all, the fun is finding something which is just that bit beyond sensible, isn’t it?


Like a pair of tiger-print ponyskin pumps with a blingy gold logo?


Or a pair of Gucci ballet flats in just the right size?  Hmmm….perhaps, but not at $180 a pair!


But a pair of Stuart Weitzmans, all purple and sparkly with velvet bows?  You bet!


Of course, a gift for the new born baby is as much for the big sisters, isn’t it?  In a family of three girls, purple sparkly shoes are a sure fire winner.

Winking smile

The recipient herself is just making up her mind, maybe wondering how long it will take her to grow into them

(Isn’t she gorgeous?)

Here and there, this and that

Here and there, this and that

Here we go

Here we go