Here, there and places in between

Here, there and places in between

Last week was a bit of a whirl, but it’s about time that I shared what a great time we had in Liverpool.  But you know, the thing is about having a great time?  I forget to take pictures!


My Hero and I had enjoyed meeting Mary’s group at The Pig near Bath last Sunday evening and were glad to have a little longer with them when they joined us at home for tea on Monday afternoon.  They spent Monday night at the newly refurbished Queens Hotel in Cheltenham, where I joined in the fun on Tuesday, for breakfast.


The Queens has changed hands several times over the last few years but it appears that the new owners (Accor group – it’s now a Mercure) have invested heavily and I must say, the public rooms are very attractive and fresh. 

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We arrived in Liverpool in the early afternoon and were ready to hit the museums, the galleries and for some, the library.  Mary had themed the tour on “fact and fiction”, because several members of the group were library docents and leaders of book groups.  All had an interest in literature and (I think) Liverpool was completely unknown territory for them, too.  We were staying at the Hilton, right there opposite Albert Dock, so we were perfectly placed to fill our afternoon with as much culture as we could soak up.  Yes, there’s John Lewis right next door as well, so shopping needs could be satisfied


We headed over to the Museum of Liverpool, following up on the recce we’d done last Autumn.  I was keen to revisit a couple of the exhibits and to see the temporary exhibition which was showing.


The photographs in the “Poppies” show portraits of women whose lives were affected by war, including the photographer’s mother, who was a child in Hull during WW2 – just like mine.  Her story echoed those told to me by both my parents, growing up in the most severely damaged city in the country outside London.  But there were more recent stories as well, many of them affecting and very moving.


Whilst we were looking around, needless to say, we bumped into a few familiar faces and decided they were just the right people to join us in the karaoke booth!  As we stood delivering a memorable rendition of Yellow Submarine we attracted a little curious interest from outside (I hope they weren’t an audience in the literal sense of the word) but turning my camera on them soon sent them elsewhere!  Though I wonder, did that chap get a good shot of that one-off performance?


Before leaving, we had a quick look around the exhibit on Women’s Suffrage once again, before retreating to the cafe for a spot of tea.  Mary’s group follow a fun-packed schedule, I must say!


Thankfully, Liverpool was looking splendid in the sunshine and I believe, endeared itself to everyone in exactly the same way as it wins my heart every time I’m there.


After dinner at Jamies  and a good night’s sleep, it was time for them to hit the road again and for me to make my way to Lime Street Station.  They were heading for Yorkshire, I was heading home.  I was sorry not to be travelling further with such a delightful group of women (and gentleman!) but delighted that I’d been able to spend some time with them, to catch up with the friends I already knew and make a few new friends too.  Next time we are in Los Angeles (or Chicago!) fun is definitely on the cards.


Having waved them off, I walked through the city centre to Lime Street, where I’d been told by Edward to look out for a fun statue.  I collected my ticket and looked around but didn’t spot anything, so asked a young woman on a trade stand there where it was.

Winking smile

“Look over there, they look like people” – of course


Sure enough, there they were, Ken Dodd and Bessie Braddock, looking all the world like people.

I love Liverpool!

Dropping in

Dropping in

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