The Trellis Scarf

Here is the Trellis Scarf this morning.

After several attempts to get beyond row three of the second pattern repeat, I finally gave up.

I knew that knitting 7 together would be "a challenge", but to work into those 7 stitches three times in lace weight cashmere? Hmmm...the third time the yarn broke under the strain I knew that I had made a less than wise decision in my choice of pattern, choice of yarn or both.

The pattern states:
7 into 5 cluster: K7tog and leave these sts on the needle, yo, knit the same 7 sts tog again and leave them on the needle, yo, knit the same 7 sts tog once more and slip sts from needle - 7 sts dec'd into 5. In preparation for working the cluster, you may find it helpful to purl the 7 cluster sts very loosely on the previous row. If necessary, use a crochet hook in a size smaller than your main needles to help draw the loop through for each k7tog.

I didn't actually pull the whole thing out, but cast off the knitting so far, as evidence that I could knit that pattern, if I wanted to, but that I chose not to be faffed. Failure isn't a comfortable outcome in this household!

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