Playing with the weavettes

As promised, here's the result of the first try out with the Weavette. I got two - a 2x2 and a 2x4.

Here's the 2x2 using leftover yarn from the multidirectional scarf I knitted last year.

One 2x2 and 4 2x4s later, this is Jordi's bathroom floor. (Well, not quite - hers is original Art Deco, is black and white and the joins are neater!)

And this is my latest knitting project: the Trellis scarf from the Interweave Knits mag I bought last weekend in lace-weight cashmere from School Products, NYC. I chose a relatively small lace project to start with, so that there would not be 100s of stitches to take out if I were to go wrong.

I can't say that I find knitting three times into the same 7 stitches very easy though.

The Trellis Scarf

Is it true that calories don't count when you eat standing up?