At the Ally Pally

We enjoyed the first day at the Knitting and Stitching Show today, keeping busy and talking non-stop it seemed.  We loved watching everyone, especially all the youngsters with the most creative outfits.  But I was rather surprised at the cavalier way they photographed everything and anything, usually in an open and honest way but sometimes taking the sneaky route with a mobile phone.  I rewarded those who asked permission with over-generous thanks - heaven knows how those who didn't want any photographs taken managed it.  Presumably they spent all their time policing their stand...

Time for teachers and tutors to make a few recommendations, perhaps?

Of course, many friends were here at Ally Pally today as well - this must be one of the best social gatherings of the year and it's a great opportunity to get together and catch up on what's what.

In addition, there's always something interesting to see and usually (thankfully) people are pleased to share and agree to a photograph

Here, a fascinating knitted necklace worn with an equally individual and striking outfit. Just one of several noteworthy garments and accessories which attracted our attention during the day. 

As the day wore on, our eyes fell upon the treasures people had found and we loved the fact that several stands used clear plastic bags.  Here, two bags full of Oliver Twists goodies.

5.30pm at last and time to pack up.  Tutor/demonstrator Hazel packed up her dear little bears into their box for safekeeping overnight (this box is only about 5 inches square by the way and Bernard, the smallest is just an inch and a half tall)

Did I bring goodies home?  Only one today - a skein of the softest  Baby Alpaca Cashmere and Silk lace weight yarn from the Natural Dye Studio for a small triangular scarf pattern I bought in Purl Soho last month. 

But I'm there again tomorrow ;-)

Ally Pally Day Two

Heigh Ho, Heigh Ho