Ally Pally Day Two

Back at the exhibition today, once again it was Ray Slater's dolls who were the centre of attention in our corner of the show.  So much character and so beautifully constructed, everyone loved them.

For us, however, the lovely accessories passing by were the main attraction.  A gorgeous scarf here

a lovely pair of shoes there

Throughout the day we admired the work of others, often in the form of bags of some kind


My apologies; the poor photograph doesn't really do this original designed bag justice - it was knitted using the domino technique with felted embellishments and the owner was proud to reveal zipped compartments and the detailed finish - quite rightly too.

Another lovely bag, beautifully machine quilted and embellished in a most tasteful fashion

There were other interesting sights from time to time

and visiting friends provided amusement -( some may recognise this bosom! )

but for the feature which set this shopping trolley apart from others you'll have to go here

As yesterday, meeting friends was the highlight of the day - Maggie, Paulene, Dale, Sue, Nita and I had a rare opportunity to get together - Sarah was there too, but not quite in the same place as the rest of us, sadly!


Day Off

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