Knit around the world

Knit around the world

A stand off with my computer means that more knitting gets done!


The Alden socks are finished and have been christened.  No fancy toes on these, for Sue wound the yarn so efficiently, eyeballing the winding of the skein expertly into almost identically sized halves.  That meant there was no fear of running short on yarn before I reached the end and therefore, no surprises.   Shame, did I hear from the back?  Well, yes, I believe that the wearer himself would have appreciated a little quirk, though to be honest, I did think that these particular socks had rather more personality than sufficient to be going on with!

Why Alden?  Well, they are well-travelled socks indeed but since the yarn was bought in The Warm Fuzzy in Alden, MI they will always be the Alden socks, but they could equally be the German Road Trip socks as most of the actual knitting was done somewhere in between Berlin and Hamburg!


What next, then?

Whilst on that very same German Road Trip, I took along the Drachenfels pattern I'd bought from Gigi the "Fiber Fairy" in Woolly & Co in Birmingham MI.  I didn't buy yarn at the time, not wanting to schlep it half way around the world, so once home, I had kept an eye open for ideas.  Knitters on Ravelry had used the Schoppel ZauberwolleGradient to great effect and seeing I was going to the country of origin, I thought I'd look out for it.  I found it in Helmstedt, in the Kreativ-laden and chose what looked like four different colourways.


Though the winding is very much part of the Zauberball packaging (Zauber = magic in German), I don't particularly care for it, especially when the clumps of yarn fall off the middle and get tangled.  So shortly after starting to knit, I decided to rewind the other three balls myself.


That was when I realised that it appears I bought two and two - two balls were wound "inside out".  It doesn't matter one bit, since I can manage the colours as I wish.


It's going fine, though one edge of the triangle is looking especially curvy right now, probably due to the "kfbl" at the start of each row.  I'm hoping one of my expert knitter friends might drop in and reassure me that it'll all straighten up when it's blocked?

So, with my computer and I on speaking terms but not pushing it, if you know what I mean, life around here is rather more productive than usual!  Shall we call it a truce?

Exercising the grey matter

Exercising the grey matter