Tough decisions

Tough decisions

On a beautiful ship like this, as you can imagine, we are surrounded by delicious things to eat and drink. With a few sea days in hand, there really is no escape from the temptation we are doing our best to resist.


It begins from the moment we get up. Always declining the offer of room service, either breakfast in bed or just in our suite, we make our choices depending on how our day is looking. If we are unlikely to have time for lunch, we might go upstairs to La Veranda, where the hot buffet and delicious breakfast fruit and pastries will keep us going until dinner time.


On sea days like this, we usually choose between the full, formal served breakfast in the restaurant, Compass Rose or a quicker, lighter option in the Coffee Shop (above, top). I don’t think anyone has opted for the pool deck “fitness breakfast” in this weather!


The problem with the coffee shop is clear. The bread for the toaster is there under a napkin at the back of the servery and right in front is one of those beasts that I have only heard of - A Cronut (a cross between a doughnut and a croissant) So far, I have resisted, but for how long?


All too soon we’ll be back here for coffee and those plates of freshly made cookies are there too…oh dear.


Then it will be lunchtime. If we’ve had just a light breakfast, then perhaps we can indulge ourselves with a nice lunch? Instead of heading up to La Veranda and the lunchtime buffet and carvery, we have time on a sea day to go into the restaurant and sit down at a linen-dressed table with the company of delightful servers.


Today, my Hero immediately spotted something he liked the look of.


Very good it was, too. I decided to forego an appetiser because I’d caught sight of other things on the menu…


We are both happy to discover that Regent is now carrying our favourite beer on board these days and a glass at lunchtime makes a refreshing change.


The classic Caesar salad with freshly cooked lemon-pepper prawns that’s always on the menu is delicious.


Having spotted my favourite Vanilla Millefeuilles on the menu earlier, of course, I just had to try it out!. (it didn’t disappoint and was that perfect mix of flaky and crisp. yum!)

We have an afternoon of activities planned; music to learn, knitting and needlepoint, Trivia, a lecture to hear and we might chat with a friend or two. Will any of that be enough to build up an appetite, I wonder?


Oh, chef-made crepes are so delicious, aren’t they? What a good job we will be playing Trivia!

I wonder what’s on the menu for dinner tonight?



Is it Thursday today?

Is it Thursday today?