Superbowl Sunday

Superbowl Sunday


A scheduled day at sea today.  We are still sailing down the west coast of Chile, heading towards the lakes and fjords of the southern tip and aiming to be in Puerto Montt tomorrow morning.  There is still a heavy swell, there’s a head wind and the current is against us too.  But the Captain has put his foot down and we are sailing full steam ahead to be there as near on time as possible.  But in his announcement today, the Captain did warn us that we might be a little late in arriving.  Like fifteen or twenty minutes…


We are having a happy time on board though.  We’re relaxed, we are in excellent company and being very well looked after.  We have all the entertainment we could wish for and spent the day listening to interesting speakers, sitting gossiping over coffee, enjoying a good Italian lunch and trivia this afternoon.  We didn’t do so well, but hey, what did it matter?


This evening, whilst balloons were being inflated in preparation for the Superbowl party, we headed for the bar and enjoyed an apertif whilst we decided what we might do for dinner when the football fans were watching the match.  Though we thought the restaurants would be so empty we’d take our pick, in fact there were still quite a few folks around.


Occasionally, though, it helps to ask the right question at the right time, of the right person…and sure enough, we got the right answer.

Yes, there was a table for us in Signatures, the French restaurant.  Perfect.




First problem, what to choose?  I started with the asparagus salad, perfumed with truffle.


It was delicious and thankfully, not a huge portion.


Next, I chose the veal medaillons.


Again, not too huge a plateful, but perfectly cooked and beautifully served.


We decided the house (included) wines would do very nicely thank you.  No need to splash out on the $815 a bottle alternative!


By the time the petits fours arrived with the dessert menu, we were beginning to falter.  Still, that little strawberry macaron can’t do any harm, can it?


My hero decided to dive right in with creme brulee whilst I decided I couldn’t manage a full dessert at all and chose to have a simple scoop of the white chocolate and mascarpone ice cream.

Winking smile

I did wonder if I ought to have ordered the creme brulee too, though

We sat and chatted to some friends as we left, feeling utterly spoiled and totally stuffed.  All was quiet on the Superbowl front; in fact, all was quiet on the ship, full stop.  Who knows if the “right” team are winning?  Will we hear evidence of the outcome when the game ends later on?  We have no idea!  But as we have a fairly early start tomorrow morning, we decided to call it a day and turn in for the night.


Looks like some bears have been having fun whilst we were out, doesn’t it?

Puerto Montt today

Puerto Montt today