Is it Thursday today?

Is it Thursday today?

The weather hasn’t improved, though we continue to outrun the storm - so far. The Captain advises that it will likely impact our progress sometime tonight and that as soon as it does, we will notice!


Are we bored? Not at all. Each morning we stop by the library to collect the daily sheet of brain teasers and today, we took a look along the bookshelves too, for though we both have our Kindle apps filled with all kinds of good intentions, there’s nothing like the promise of other, fresh options as well.


One of us was tempted by a potentially interesting biography - for some reason, a genre I rarely read.


Someone else around here welcomes the time to learn choir words and music.


I went to the needlepoint group yesterday afternoon and picked up a new little scissor case kit, which is coming along slowly.


As are the Shinkansen/Bering Sea socks.


If I find myself with some time to spare, I enjoy putting a few things into my journal - I bought my art kit with me and have been doing a bit now and again.


So far then, we’ve chosen to fill our day with fairly low-impact activities in spite of the one, highly tempting and very dangerous “elephant in the room”.

The latest brochure of future cruises.

Tough decisions

Tough decisions

There's good news and there's bad news

There's good news and there's bad news