A child of the Autumn

A child of the Autumn

Arriving home after a couple of weeks away, we were greeted by the usual pile of post.  Most of it went straight in the recycling but one envelope caught my eye and I hung onto it.


With an October birthday, Autumn is “my” time of the year, but during one of those wardrobe colour sessions with a very talented counsellor, I think I was heard to say that if I turned out to be an Autumn kind of person in terms of colour, I’d give up.  Googling images of Autumn just now produced the usual selection – all traditional leafy pictures in a range of orange, browns and yellows.

autumn - Google Search - Mozilla Firefox 27092016 083744.bmp

You see my primary school uniform was brown and primrose yellow and I hated it from the moment I saw it.  I was a Brownie too, so even when I wasn’t in my school uniform, I still couldn’t get away from those awful colours.  On going to grammar school, I was glad to leave it behind but it was only a slight improvement, for that school uniform was maroon.  Why couldn’t we have navy blue or bottle green like everyone else?

National Trust Shop  Inspired by special places - Mozilla Firefox 27092016 083943.bmp

Back to the National Trust Autumn catalogue which was in the pile of post, though.  Rather different from the cliched countryside images I’d expect to see on their publications, isn’t it?  Not a speck of brown and yellow in sight.  Following through to their website, with “designs inspired by untamed heathlands and moody landscapes”, I found several things I quite liked.  Bravo National Trust for catching my eye with something a little different from the norm – or did I just fall for their device to capture a new audience?

Metallic Paper Chrysanthemums - Lia Griffith - Mozilla Firefox 27092016 084203.bmp

Anyway, my eye was attuned to this alternative Autumn palette as I caught up with a few favourite blogs, including Lia Griffiths whose palette of plum and saffron also appealed to me.  Well, students of colour theory would immediately identify the complementary colour scheme going on there and wouldn’t be surprised that it works so well.  But yay!  no orange!

BBC Radio 4 - Four Seasons - Poetry for the Autumn equinox - Mozilla Firefox 25092016 095656.bmp

The BBC website had a section on Autumn poetry, illustrated with photographs including the one above.  Most were the usual leafy landscapes, but this one appealed to me, in spite of the yellows and oranges because they are offset by the navy blue.

Perhaps I’m finding that I am an Autumn girl after all?

September 2016

Because although I still wouldn’t wear sunshine yellow or marmalade orange, I do wear citrine and purple and perhaps this year, I could be tempted by that deep teal blue?

How interesting is it to observe these colour trends change?   And having noticed it, I find it fascinating to see how it all falls into place.

Not yet mitten weather

Not yet mitten weather

The icing on the cake

The icing on the cake