Not yet mitten weather

Not yet mitten weather

Did I say I bought a pair of Latvian mittens in Riga?  I had gone prepared with a couple of addresses up my sleeve, having read Bemused’s blog post on the subject a while back.  We’d booked a walking tour of Riga, though, and were none too sure where it would take us.  Still, I kept my eyes peeled throughout!

Winking smile

I was thrilled that our route took us past one address on my list and might just have snapped a photo as we passed by, in case we were set free sometime along the way   Be prepared, eh?

And guess what?  About ten minutes later, we had half an hour to get a coffee…or?

Run!  Back the way we came.  How lucky I am to have a hero with a sense of direction (and a sense of humour) at times like this!


Making a choice was difficult, but limited time meant I needed to be decisive.


I chose a traditional design in colours that I will wear.  I love them!


The cuffs are beautifully worked in a diagonal stitch and fit like…well of course they do!


There’s a good depth of cuff too, ideal for keeping out the winter chill.


Though the cuff is snug, there’s plenty of room for finger wiggling in the top.


I’m very pleased with my souvenir from Riga, knitted by “Latvians Grandmothers”


I think the price was remarkable for a hand made product using quality ingredients, too.


So thank you, Baiba, for your lovely work.  I shall wear them with pleasure.

Russia, the first time

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