The icing on the cake

The icing on the cake

Just when I thought I had really done enough for one day, I spotted that sign.


I thought about it for five minutes and then declared that, however tired I was, I really wanted to go and see that exhibition.  In no time, our friend had bought tickets and we were finding our way through a secret gateway with a passcode, upstairs.


Up my alley?  100%.  This was an exhibit of Isabelle de Borchgrave’s work, based on paintings of the Medici family.


Each costume was made from paper, scrunched up and crumpled to create a soft, pliable material and then painted, glued and formed into realistic costume.


The detail was remarkable.


As was the likeness to the original inspiration.


I felt some costumes worked more successfully than others, but overall, the effect was stunning.


Even if it was obvious that these were painted embellishments, it didn’t matter – that was the point, after all.


It was the lace trimmings which were particularly interesting, I thought.


Some were finely cut and curled, to give the impression of lace.


Others appeared quite finely cut but on closer inspection…


were simply painted onto grey paper and cut out.


The whole thing was quite theatrical, with that same tromp d’oeil effect of a stage set.


I was so pleased I’d not only spotted the poster in time, but been determined to see the exhibition as well.


Especially when I recognised the poster shot.


I bought a copy of the book to bring home and to share with my m-i-l Bettine, who would have loved to have seen it herself.  I’d not heard of Isabelle de Borchgrave’s work before, but I’ll look out for it again now I have.

A child of the Autumn

A child of the Autumn

What next?

What next?