Now, where were we?

Now, where were we?

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Half way through a blog post about being a parent, actually, but life (and maintaining personal privacy) got the better of me and though I haven’t consigned it to the recycle bin, I’ve given up for now.  Suffice to say that it was an absolute delight to be asked to do an 11pm pick up again after all these years, especially amusing since it wasn’t after some school event but dinner with a Cabinet Minister

Being a parent never stops being wonderful, does it?


Appreciation was expressed in the form of kitchen duties over the weekend, including a little bottling.  Needless to say, we did need to maintain quality control, so sampling was mandatory.  The 2016 vintage sits in the storeroom thanks to our sweet sloe-collecting friends, quietly steeping for a year or two until it reaches similar perfection.


We’ve been enjoying the most amazing weather in the last few days.  I never mind the low temperatures if we can have these clear blue skies and sunshine.


A day in London with friends started in such bright sunshine at the V&A, to see the Opus Anglicanum exhibition and ended in the darkness of Bond Street, where I enjoyed a walk around to do a little window shopping.


No angels here, but lovely arches of peacock feathers, elegant and very effective.


I thought the tiny vignettes in the Tiffany windows were really lovely.


Way more classy than the Selfridges offering this year, showing Santa on his holidays.


I liked the Fenwicks style too, traditional but effective, don’t you think?


So yes, with the arrival of December and our first Crafternoon at the village pub, making Christmas wreaths, I guess we’re into the season of Advent around here.  I’m doing my best to savour the days, to enjoy time at home and to make the most of the odd hour here and there in my studio, making and doing what we do at this time of the year.


Thankfully, that includes going out and having fun with friends as well!

Party time

Party time