So, where were we?


At home, tying up one or two loose ends and running around like a bit of a mad thing, because it’s been rather a busy week.




It was the kind of week I enjoy most, a healthy, happy mix of work and home, with one or two unexpected diversions which kept me on my toes and which meant that I couldn’t really begin to think about the next thing until the very last minute.

Because there was going to be packing to do.

The kind of packing that involves a summery white handbag, a pashmina and a small folder to collect the ephemera in.   Oooo!




Yes, we’re off on our travels again.  Of course, we knew that there’d not be long in between the two trips; that this year’s adventure is a little earlier than usual and perhaps that could be tricky to manage.  But hey,  we’ve had a bit of practice and manage, we did!




So, putting ourselves in the capable hands of British Airways once again, we are here in the home of our sweet friends in Florida and look, they collect US States, too!  (I’m still looking for Nebraska Winking smile )

Actually, they collect countries as well and have created a lovely, decorative way of maintaining their lists, too.




So, we are “at home” here for a few days and look forward to exploring some new places in the sunshine.

We have not brought an umbrella!

oh, and just while I think of it

oh, and just while I think of it

The usual dilemma–resolved

The usual dilemma–resolved