When my Mum – or my Grandmother – used the word, it would be said with a slight air of disapproval; as if whoever was involved was up to no good.  It’s a pleasing word though, far too interesting to be resigned for use in such situations and so I will claim to have been a-gallivanting this week, even though there was absolutely nothing untoward.  Believe me!


We decided to drive up to London earlier this week, rather than take the train.  We specialise in getting exactly the right – or wrong - timing almost every time we do, however, finding ourselves in a stationary queue somewhere along the way as we wait for something to happen – in this case, the Changing of the Guard.


At least it means that when we do get going again, the roads are clear!


Though this wasn’t really a shopping trip, we needed to make a couple of necessary purchases, so headed to Oxford Street.  Priorities – and hunger – satisfied, we had a couple of hours to enjoy the seasonal displays and the relative calm of a Tuesday afternoon.


We needed no persuasion to head back to our comfy hotel room however, once the Anthropologie whims had been satisfied!


Heading out later, we could see the angels high above Regent Street in all their illuminated glory.


How lovely that this year, there are no cartoon characters or cheesy advertising but just simple (!) lit figures which are so effective, I think.


Around the corner in Jermyn Street, there’s a host of smaller “cousins” with a very Art Nouveau feel, I thought.


We loved them nearly as much as we loved meeting Edward and Amy for dinner at Trullo, just around the corner from their beautiful new apartment.  Shame we can’t drop in more often! 


The main event was yet to come, though: the annual awards ceremony for the UK Bus Awards, held in a pop-up Ballroom on the South Bank.  I was a member of the panel judging the People awards and looked forward to seeing the outcome of the decisions we made way back in the Summer.


It’s always a fun event amongst friends and I enjoy the lively conversation with interesting table companions.  I did find the lighting a little troubling this year, however – it was rather red and flashy!


The winners are deservedly proud and the afternoon passes in a flash.  Having gone inside before lunch, somehow it’s usually dark by the time we emerge, yet in this strangely lit environment, one has no concept of the passage of time.


As we sat in the cab, en route back to our hotel, we debated whether to hang around another couple of hours and get a bite to eat somewhere before heading home or to simply get the car and make a run for it.

Guess what these country bumpkins chose to do?!

(We were home by 8pm)

Now, where were we?

Now, where were we?